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Which rum should I use?

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Of the different types of rum, the best will be "agricultural rum", or "plantation rum". It comes from the fermentation of the juice of freshly crushed sugar cane. You can use either white or amber rum, depending on your taste. While the colours of your flavoured rums will be brighter with a white rum, the vanilla and the spices of the Good Ol' Spiced Rum will go nicely with an amber rum.

Avoid using an "old rum" (aged at least 3 years in the barrel), which is already sufficiently flavoured.

Which ingredients can I use?

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Well, any spice, fruit, or flower can be used to perfume a rum, as long as it’s edible of course! Now, some ingredients require a more or less long maceration time, and in some cases it may be useful to remove some ingredients as you go along to obtain the best results.

The recipes and quantities of ingredients we offer are adjusted for the bottle provided in your kit. We recommend that you follow our recipes before experimenting with your own compositions. But above all, have fun, and don't forget to share your discoveries!

Can I use fresh fruits?

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Of course, and in this case, choose them ripe, like for a good pie. Not ripe enough, they will not release their aromas, and too ripe, they will decompose in the bottle and the result will not be very good-looking.


Where to store the rums?

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Several methods: under the sun, in a warm place, inside a cupboard ... it's up to you. Under the sun, the maceration will be faster, but some fruits may darken. We recommend a constant temperature, not exceeding 40°C.

At the end of the maceration, you can remove the fruits and spices and filter the rum. It will be clearer, and the taste will not change. Some flavoured rums can continue to macerate and will become more refined over the months.

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